Wanna Loan

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Wanna Loan is a trusted credit provider in South Africa that specialises in payday loans.

You will have access to credit up to R3 000 at the most affordable interest rate.

In case you’re wondering:

Payday loan is a relatively small amount of money lent at a high rate of but affordable interest on the agreement that it will be repaid when the borrower receives their next wages.

The best part?

You will also get the Wanna Loan instantly. When your loan application is processed and approved, funds will be made available to you immediately.

About Wanna Loan

Wanna Loan offer short credit to individuals struggling financially. Maybe you wanted extra cash to make it through the month.

You can apply for a loan up to R 3 000 within 37 days or in your next salary date.

These loans are particularly designed for people not looking to get into a long-term loan agreement. If you’re that person, then Wanna Loan is just made for you.

Want to know the best part?

Even blacklisted people are welcome to apply for personal loans.

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The institution have one simple mission, to create a solution that will lift the burden of denial-of-credit for the little things by providing small loans over short periods. [taken from their website]

They know what citizens go through financially and how big players in the financial industry deny them loans. So Wanna Loan is closing that gap by following regulations from the National Credit regulator.

Each application is subject to credit checks. Wanna Loan conducts a full credit assessment, in some instances we will approve applications where the applicant has defaults, judgements or is a registered slow payer.

Which is good – if you think about it.

You will only get a loan amount you qualify for. These also helps the company to avoid reckless lending and over-indebting consumers.

Here’s how to apply for Wanna Loan

The loan application process is simple. You use the loan calculator slider to begin your application.

On the Wanna Loan website, there are sliders on the home page. Choose the amount you want to apply for and how long you wish to pay back the loan.

Tell them a little bit about yourself and submit your application.

You will get an instant response about your application. If not, one of the consultant will contact you for assistance.

The process will only take a few minutes, just sit back and wait for the payout.

Wanna Loan Contact Details

For further assistance about the loan application, please contact 0861-189-200 to speak to a financial consultant.

Otherwise visit the website at www.wannaloan.co.za to read more. And of course, apply online.