Universal Branch Codes for All Top Banks in South Africa


Banking branch codes can be very difficult to find when you urgently want to make a payment.

It gets so frustrating sometimes. You shouldn’t be stressed out like we did, We’ve collected all the universal branch codes for major banks in South Africa, so that it would be easier for anyone to find them.

Universal branch codes are significant compared to specific branch codes. They give bankers like yourself the ability to make instant transactions without getting stuck with an unknown branch code.

You can use these codes to make payments into any banking account that was registered at any branch in South Africa.

In fact, the other day I was buying a car from Swaziland. I had to make a payment right away while the seller waited for their money. It was a bit of a hassle to find the branch code of a foreign banking account. So I used the universal branch code to process the payment.

And guess what – the payment went through instantly, FNB to FNB.

Let’s get started.

Key Benefits of Using Universal Branch Code

Identification: The universal branch code is part of the bank’s identification system. The bank will have a 6-digit unique code, which makes it easier for customers to process transactions and ensure they are routed correctly.

Use in Transactions: When performing transactions such as wire transfers or direct deposits, the branch code is often required along with the account number.

Locating the Code: You can find your bank’s universal branch code on the bank statements, online banking platforms, mobile apps, or by contacting the bank directly.

International Transactions: For international banking, a SWIFT code is more commonly used. This code identifies not just the bank but also its country, city, and branch.

A complete list of universal branch codes for each bank

BankUniversal Code
ABSA Bank632 005
Bank of Athens410 506
Bidvest Bank462 005
Capitec Bank470 010
FNB250 655
TymeBank678 910
Investec580 105
Nedbank198 765
SA Post Bank (Post Office)460 005
Standard Bank051 001
Discovery Bank679 000

If you prefer a specific branch code, most of the above-listed banking institutions have systems in place to help you easily find them.

Understanding the Importance of Nedbank Branch Code

In the banking ecosystem, branch codes are much more than a set of numbers; they are the significant identifiers that ensure your money reaches the right destination. Universal branch codes are a series of specific numbers associated with each branch and are integral in this process.

  • Accuracy in Transactions: Using the correct branch code means your EFT payments are routed correctly, saving you from the troubles of misplaced transactions.
  • Speedy Processes: Incorporating the accurate universal branch code accelerates the transaction process, helping you save precious time.
  • Seamless Online Banking: Whether you’re transferring money online or setting up debit orders, using the appropriate branch code guarantees a hassle-free experience.

How to Find the Right Branch-Specific Code?

Wondering how to find the correct Nedbank branch code? Fret not! The process is incredibly simple. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Bank Official Website: Visit the official website where they have a dedicated section listing all the branch codes.
  2. Mobile Banking App: Use the Bank’s mobile banking app, which offers information about different branch codes at your fingertips.
  3. Customer Support: When in doubt, you can always reach out to Bank’s customer support for guidance.