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Looking for a short-term loan of up to R8,000 for your unexpected expenses?

Look no further than the Unifi Credit loan for a personalized interest rate and repayment of up to 6 months.

Why Choose Unifi Credit Loan?

Unifi loan is best designed for short-term emergency expenses.

It’s one of the most competitive online lenders in South Africa offering a quick application process and same-day approval.

Fast approval and funding are key with Unifi to get you access to cash when you need it the most.

You can qualify for a personal loan of up to R8,000 payable within six (6) months.

The Unifi loan is available for people with less than perfect but good credit scores. You’ll get a personalized interest rate, based on your credit risk profile.

There will be no unnecessary paperwork, everything happens online without you having to set foot in a bank or speak to a loan consultant, for your convenience.

Unifi will get information about your credit profile from TruID, a trusted service that’ll send your proof of income to Unifi.

Minimum Requirement to Get Unifi Loan?

To qualify for the Unifi Credit loan, you must be a responsible borrower who meets the following criteria.

  1. 18 years and older
  2. Permanently employed
  3. Good credit score

With the above details, you’ll pre-qualify for the Unifi loan and further checks may be conducted to verify the application information.

Affordability assessments will be essential for you, ensuring Unifi doesn’t offer you a loan you cannot afford to repay in the agreed terms.

You may be earning more than R8,000 per month however Unifi Credit will need to understand the ratio of your income versus expenses.

Unifi Loan Calculator

To understand the cost of your loan even better, use our free loan calculator below which will break down the total interest and amount you’ll repay for the Unifi Credit loan.

Monthly Installment:
Total Payment:
Total Interest:

Please note the above calculations exclude the loan initiation and monthly admin fees.

How to Contact Unifi

Unifi customer service is available weekdays to take phone calls on loan inquiries at 021 110 0600. Their online loan application is available 24/7 with automated checks to give you instant responses.

Alternatively, visit www.unifi.credit for more information and access to contact forms.

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