Izwe Loans Review – Everything you Need to Know

Personal Loans

Izwe Loans offer various types of financial solutions to qualifying individuals and businesses in Africa.

While headquartered in Mauritius, they stopped lending money in Mzansi a long time ago. I’ve seen a number of articles online misleading customers claiming they offer loans in South Africa and I wanted to clear the air for you.

Let me show you where they operate.

Izwe Africa

Izwe Loans now operate in three (3) different African countries.

  • Zambia
  • Kenya
  • Ghana

Izwe Zambia:

They offer personal loans designed for permanently employed civil servants, Zambia Air Force (ZAF), and Zambia National Service (ZNS) members.

These are unsecured loans that customers qualify for based on credit score ratings. Loans are offered at a fixed interest rate and flexible repayment terms.

Visit www.izwezambia.com to find out more.

Izwe Kenya:

They offer personal loans for employees of all Kenyan government departments, TSC members, and selected parastatals in all 47 countries.

Repayment for seven (7) years and the lowest fixed interest rate. Izwe loans offer the most efficient online application process for your convenience.

Qualifying customers can spend the money however they feel fit.

Visit www.izwekenya.com to find out more.

Izwe Ghana:

Personal loans tailored for full-time employees of government, parastatals, and corporates.

Repayment terms go up to six (6) years at fixed rates.

That’s all Izwe has been helping people in those countries with affordable credit solutions, and not in South Africa.

Visit www.izweghana.com to find out more.

What if you’re Blacklisted, Would you Qualify?

A good question and a term that’s widely used in many countries.

The term blacklisted often refers to people with bad to no credit history.

If you have really bad credit and haven’t started rebuilding, then Izwe Loans won’t help you.

They work with responsible borrowers with good credit scores. They’ll carefully assess your affordability for the amount you want and determine if you’ll qualify for the loan.

How to Qualify for Izwe Loans

The first step you must take is to know your credit score. Then you need to know the minimum credit score requirement by Izwe Loans.

It’s very useful in helping you decide to apply for the personal loan knowing you stand a good chance of qualifying.

Otherwise, work on increasing your credit score, if you’re not in a hurry of getting the loan. Pay your bills on time and try to have less debt over time.