How to Make R1000 Per Day in South Africa


While it may seem impossible to achieve but with the correct channels and opportunities, you can certainly make over R1000 per day in South Africa.

Think about it…

Any employee that earns over R30,000 per month literally makes R1000 per day at work. So having a high-paying job is one of the many ways you can achieve that target.

Today I want to show you other ways you can make R1000 from a single source or multiple income streams.

Let’s get started.

1. Google Adsense

Adsense is the number source of income for many South Africans on YouTube and blogging. Start a high-traffic YouTube channel or blog and start earning commission from advertisements from Google.

It’s obviously going to require a lot of work upfront to acquire organic quality traffic but once the ball is rolling, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with the program.

2. Consider freelance

Yes, freelance opportunities in South Africa could earn you over R1000 per day, depending on the service offering. Platforms such as pays per successful gig, meaning if a client wants their logo designs, they’ll choose your service based on reviews and how you’ve sold your services. On delivery, you’ll get paid so you better work faster and be more creative to start earning per day on the platform.

3. Online courses

Another great way to bring in that additional income to your monthly cash flow.

Record professional courses, packaging your specific skillset that is currently on demand and people just want to study on the go.

Then upload your courses on Udemy and start earning some money from them. Udemy offers affordable online courses between R250 to R350, so you’ll be required to promote your courses heavily to reach a wider audience.

That way, you can have people buying your courses every day and could reach over R1000 if you make more than 5 sales per day.

4. Surveys for Money

Participate in paid surveys in South Africa. They don’t offer much but it’s an extra income that could add up to make you R1000 per day.

Try SwitchedOn.Africa, is a market research company that does surveys for MultiChoice in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. According to their testimonials, the highest amount they’ve paid for a completed survey is R1,000 however the average they pay is about R200.

5. Drive with Uber or Bolt

Uber and Bolt have created income opportunities for many people in South Africa. If you own a car and have got a PDP driving license, please join these companies and start earning money by transporting people.

While it might not be easy in these harsh economic times in South Africa, where the fuel prices have reached their highest, you could make about R550 per day with Uber or Bolt. Add these with any of the above-mentioned ways of making money, then you could see yourself earning over R1000 in no time.