HomeChoice Loan Review – Credit Amount, Term & Interest Rates

Personal Loans

Afford a lifestyle of your dreams with the Homechoice loan.

Purchase anything from furniture to fashion with a personalized credit from HomeChoice.

Let’s get started.

Reasons To Get The HomeChoice Loan

Sometimes referred to as a store card, you’ll have immediate access to R3 000.00 credit when applying for a HomeChoice loan the first time.

Take control of your spendings and credit by purchasing anything from the HomeChoice store. No initial deposit required, however, you’ll choose a flexible repayment term for up to 16 months.

Borrowing money from the future is always the most convenient way for people to afford a certain lifestyle in South Africa. So, buying with the HomeChoice loan is safer and easily accessible in the store.

This gives you the financial freedom to dream big and plan your monthly spendings accordingly. At the same time, building you a good credit record to afford even bigger things in life.

In most cases, your credit score determines the interest of your loan. The same applies to the HomeChoice loan, you’ll get a personalized interest and if you’re creditworthy, you’ll get the best possible rate for the credit.

And there’s more…

The moment HomeChoice begin to understand you’re a responsible borrower, they’ll give you access to many more benefits.

You’ll get a credit limit after 16 months with longer and convenient repayment plans. Get exclusive payment holiday benefits and offers for personal loans by FoneChoice.

How To Qualify For The Loan?

Applying for the HomeChoice loan requires you to meet certain criteria to avoid reckless lending.

You’ll need to have a good credit score. Your score is very important when applying for any credit in South Africa.

You must be over 18 years old and permanently employed with a monthly income. Proof that you’re responsible for your expenses and start shopping at HomeChoice.

Calculate and understand your loan before making the application. Getting a broad idea of how much the loan is, gives you enough time to plan and make the right financial decision.

How to Apply for the Loan

You can begin your HomeChoice application online.

Complete the form with your details and a consultant will call you back to complete the application.

Or, call 0861 999 635 to apply via telephone. An agent will require your personal details to kickstart the application.

Alternatively, you can apply at the nearest HomeChoice store.

A credit check will be conduction before proceeding with your application and once approved, you’ll have access to the HomeChoice credit – instantly.

Contact Details

For more information about the HomeChoice loan, call 0861 999 635 (SA only) or +27 21 680 1300 (International) to speak to a friendly agent.

Alternatively, you can read more on the HomeChoice website at www.homechoice.co.za.