Credit Card Calculator

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This credit card calculator will help you understand monthly installments, total interest, and repayment of the loan amount you aim to apply for.

Manage your credit card balance and see if you can adjust the payments to pay it even faster.

You’ll be able to know your numbers better in determining your individual affordability before the credit card providers tell you, you qualify.

Let’s get started.

Crunch the Numbers!

Monthly Installment:
Total Payment:
Total Interest:

How to use this calculator

  1. Enter the credit amount. Enter the credit card balance.
  2. Enter your interest rate. If you know the interest rate charged, please enter it here for the best and accurate repayment estimation.
  3. Choose a repayment term. Select your repayment goal, since credit card repayments aren’t set to periods like personal loans, you’ll need to determine when you’d want to see yourself done with this debt.

Once done providing the required details, hit the ‘Calculate Repayment’ button to get your loan results.