CashBuild Payment Card: How It Works & Benefits


It’s already difficult enough to save money with current living circumstances in South Africa.

So the Cashbuild Payment Card has proven to be the only facility to keep people disciplined enough to save enough money for their home projects.

If you were looking for an alternative option instead of taking our loans, you might want to consider using the CashBuild card to progress your house building or upgrade project.

Without wasting your time, let’s jump right in.

Why Choose the Payment Card?

Unlike the credit account, which will give you instant access to a lump sum of money at the expense of an interest rate for your project, the CashBuild deposit account gives you the benefits of saving and puts you in control of finances.

It gives you the flexibility of setting financial goals for your home project without limitations on how much you can deposit.

No interest rate – You’ll spend what you’ve deposited into your CashBuild payment account, which is pretty cool.

And the best part, you can buy building materials at any of the CashBuild stores, nationwide.

How Does The CashBuild Payment Card?

The CashBuild Payment Card operates as a store account, allowing you, the customer, to purchase goods only at CashBuild stores across South Africa.

Consider this, as your building material’s savings account, whereby you’ll be depositing money into this payment card to later use to purchase anything at CashBuild.

It’s a significant yet misunderstood card that has changed many people’s lives and approaches to building or renovating their houses.

It gives you a lot of benefits, including:

  • Deposit however amount you want to save
  • Not a loan, so zero interest charged
  • Purchase goods at any CashBuild across South Africa
  • Earn loyalty rewards and customized discounts

You can apply for the card at any of your nearest CashBuild stores.

How to Qualify for CashBuild Card

So to clarify, the payment card is not the same as the CashBuild credit account or building materials loan card.

The payment card has no crazy requirements to get going, you just need to be a responsible adult who wants to put money aside for their home project.

Ensure to read to understand the legal terms and conditions before signing the agreement forms at the store, just to get an idea of what you’re getting into.

How to Deposit and Check Balance?

After successfully applying and getting your CashBuild Payment Card, you’d want to start depositing your savings into the account.

And you can do just that at any of the CashBuild stores across the country, tell the cashier you want to deposit cash into your payment card, and they’ll gladly assist with that.

Once the deposit process has started, you’d now want to keep track of how much you’re putting into your payment card for your set goal.

You can check your card balance online, by following these steps:

  1. Visit the CashBuild’s customers portal
  2. Enter your South African ID, Passport, or Company Reg No and verify you’re the account holder
  3. Follow the next screen, which will give you more information about the card and balances.

And that’s it, when the time is right, you’ll be ready to handle the expenses for your home project seamlessly with the CashBuild payment card.

Although we wouldn’t advise you to frequently check your balances as it might discourage you a bit, it’s best to keep pumping money into your building account for at least a year without checking.