Capitec eWallet Or Send Cash – How Does It Work?


Capitec eWallet (popularly referred to as Cash Send) allows you to send money instantly to any mobile phone in South Africa.

The most innovative way of sending money to anyone, anywhere in South Africa, which they withdraw the funds without opening an account with Capitec.

Many other banks offer this service of ewallet technology but simply name it differently. And without wasting your time, let me show you how it works and what you need to know before using this service.

Let’s get started.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned above, this is a mobile cash-sending service that allows Capitec Bank clients to transfer money directly to the recipient’s cell phone.

The recipient then receives a text message that contains a unique code that they can use to receive or withdraw the funds. The ewallet money is available instantly for withdrawals – no waiting period.

You can send amounts up to R3,000 per day for the cost of R15.00 per transaction. Any amount less than R1,000 will cost you R7.50 per transaction.

Capitec clients can send ewallet cash using the banking app, online on the website or using the USSD cellphone banking service.

The best part?

Withdrawals are all free for the recipients at the Capitec Bank ATMs.

Capitec Cash Send Withdrawal

After receiving the ewallet SMS with transaction details, you need to go to the Capitec Bank ATM to collect your money.

Follow these simple steps to withdraw cash send payment at the ATM:

  • At the ATMs landing screen, choose cardless services;
  • Enter your 10-digit ewallet reference number;
  • Enter the secret code or pin;
  • Collect the cash.

Otherwise, you can always collect money at any of the following partnered supermarkets: Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Game, Makro, Pick n Pay or Builders.

At the till point, inform the cashier you would like to collect cash from a Capitec ewallet of Cash Send payment.

Give them the payment reference number and enter your secret pin to access the funds. A cashier will then give you the money in your Capitec ewallet.

A quick tip: Collecting at the supermarket is by far the most secure way, seeing the number of scams that happens at ATMs across South Africa. Here, you’ll be dealing with a person, in a secured place that you trust and is most convenient for you.

Call the Capitec Cash Send helpline (0860 10 20 43) should you have issues collecting the funds for any reason.

Capitec eWallet Reversals

It can happen to anyone, sending cash to an incorrect cellphone number, especially when you’re not using the app.

While there’s no quicker way of reversing the funds on the Capitec app, should you find yourself in this situation, quickly get to the nearest ATM and withdraw the money to prevent the recipient from collecting the cash.

However, this is unlike to happen because the pin or secret code is set by you, the Capitec client who will confirm with the recipient before sending the pin.

It’s very important to verify the ewallet details before sharing the pin – this way, you know the correct recipient has received the correct payment.

Alternatively, contact 0860 102 043 for immediate assistance and instruct the consultant verbally to reverse the money.