Built It Credit Account: How to Apply, Qualify & Get Better Interest


Budgeting to build a house can be very challenging and take longer, even if you reach your savings target, there will always be unexpected expenses that require immediate cash.

The Built It credit account offers you help with shortfall expenses through a loan facility. They’ll offer you the credit needed to complete your house construction or renovation.

And from experience, building a house in the village, you can never save enough money to complete a construction project – you’ll eventually need financial assistance from reputable companies.

Without wasting your time, let’s dive right in.

Why the Build It Credit Account?

Built it is an established building material retail company. They’ve helped millions of houses built by supplying quality materials.

They’re also a specialist when it comes to building credit, not only will they help you with the application process, but they’ll most importantly offer you advice that’ll benefit your project too.

As you may know, credit offerings in South Africa are regulated by the National Credit Regulator, which all credit providers must be registered with.

A number of factors will determine the amount you’ll qualify for, such as your credit score, income versus expenses analysis, and most importantly, affordability of the Built It credit.

Each credit is offered at a customized interest rate, enabling customers with trustworthy scores to get low interest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Finance can only be used toward the construction or renovation of your house. Hence, you’ll not receive the Built It credit in cash, but instead only in building materials.

How to Qualify for the Build It Credit?

The Build It credit account is like any other finance but can only be used for your building or home renovation project.

To qualify for the credit loan, you must meet at least the following account requirements:

  1. be permanently employed earning a net income of at least R3,500 a month, deposited into your bank account electronically;
  2. Be a South African with a valid identity document or card;
  3. Produce your latest three-month stamped bank statements showing your salary.

The information above will be used to pre-qualify you for the Build It account. Once that first step is a success, further checks will be conducted to ensure you’ll be able to repay the credit in the agreed terms and conditions.

You must also know your numbers instead of taking the Build It credit account blindly because of advice from friends and other influencers. You must be sure you’ll afford to repay the credit account and still live without pressure after your monthly costs.

Calculate Repayment

Crunch the numbers with our calculator below, play around with interest rates and loan terms for a better understanding of the cost of credit, and give you leverage to negotiate when the opportunity presents itself.

How to Apply for Credit

There are various ways you can apply for the Build It credit account, once you’ve figured out and determined you’ll afford to repay the credit.

Apply In-Store – Visit any of the Build It stores near you to apply for a building material loan. Bring in the necessary documents to support your credit application and a consultant will assist you with starting the process.

Apply Online – The credit facility at Build It is offered by various lenders you can choose from, that is Nedbank, Kanga Finance, RCS, and Fin Home Loans. Complete the application form from whichever lender you prefer, and they’ll get in touch to assist and give relevant responses about the credit application.

Contact Build It

Get in touch with Build It today to find out more about their credit account and how it can help speed up your building or maintenance project.

Visit their Contact Us page, complete the form with details of your query and a consultant will get back to you.