9 Best Ways to Invest Money in Your 20s and Why


To every profit-oriented individual or entity, the need to secure the best ways to invest their money, time, and resources constitute the core of their considerations before signing any deal.

The fact that a deal seems lucrative on paper does not make it so in reality. However, they are some businesses that are very rewarding financially, and for any serious-minded investor of the 21st century, his eyes should not be taken away from them.

The under-listed ventures are quite promising and will keep the investor or investors smiling to the bank very often.

1. Real Estate And Rental Properties

The real estate market has remained a very profitable investment portfolio for ages. Human population has continued to witness steady growth and increase even in seemingly decrements in the average life span of man globally.

So the need for more shelter also aroused with the growth of the human population. Real estate properties, either for residential or business office, attracts high profit over time. As the value of the property keeps increasing, so does the investor make more profit.

2. Oil And Gas Industry

This sector remains very juicy for savvy investors and anyone who is concerned about making cool cash. Civilization and industrialization have brought man to rely on fossil fuel in all aspects of his life.

Though this investment portfolio is strictly reserved for big money bags because it requires very huge capital to set up. Also, it may require more funds to maintain and run refineries, reports, and other platforms of the oil and gas industry.

It is worth knowing that the oil and gas sector is a long-term investment portfolio.

3. Hospitality and Tourism

Man’s need for fun, relaxation, and refreshment opened up the mind of investors in hospitality and tourism. Big hotels, relaxation spots, and recreational centers in urban cities tend to attract fun-seeking individuals on a daily basis.

And these tourists pay for all services rendered to them at such places.

This sector may require huge capital to set up, however, investors can obtain loans from any financial institution to kick start it, because proceeds from this industry is on a daily basis, though sometimes it may also be seasonal.

4. Transportation Industry

The human population is in constant flux. People, goods, and services move from one location to another every minute.

Often, most of these people do not own the means which they employ to migrate to different places. This is a dare need, and anyone who provides this need has the right to place a monetary charge for this service.

Transportation or movement is as old as man itself. People must move from one location to another in search of greener pastures.

So the transportation industry will continue to flourish for as long as man lives.

5. Textile Industry

Clothing remains One of the basic human needs. The fabric and textile industry will always continue to be vibrant because people must cover their skin.

Although high-quality fabric remains the luxury of city and urban dwellers, other average income earners also dress in accordance with their financial disposition.

6. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

We live in the digital age. ICT has changed the way society operates. From banking to eCommerce, from education to religion, from relaxation to governance.

These are ways of life in which the ICT has deeply infiltrated. An investment in this sector in this contemporary age would attract high returns on investment for the investor.

7. Education

The importance of quality education cannot be overstretched. The present-day society has placed a very high premium on education, the need to invest in this sector is apt.

Educating the entire citizens of a nation cannot be done solely by the government of that nation. So the call for private individuals and corporate bodies to invest in education has been on.

Education plays a key role in the fundamental development of the human person. For those who know the value of quality education, they can pay any amount to acquire it for themselves and for their children and wards.

8. Jewelry and ornaments

As part of people’s dressing, most classic and societal people must appear on expensive jewelry and fine ornaments. Precious stones are very expensive and also attract the elite class as key patrons to dealers and investors in that sector.

9. Agriculture

No human society can function without food. Agriculture is the backbone for the survival of the human race.

Food consumption is a daily routine, and this need remains insatiable in every society. Investment in food crop cultivation and animals (for meat consumption) remains a viable business venture for many investors. The need for food in society continues to persist.

What’s the Best Time to Invest Money?

The Best Time People Can Invest in Their Future is at an early age. Most capital-intensive investment with a high prospect are long term in nature and requires time to grow before they start turning in a profit.

Therefore for young adults who are concerned about their future financial freedom, these are some investment opportunities they may want to cease at an early age.

Buying And Owning Companies Shares.

Companies’ shares are bound to increase in value over time. The value of each unit naturally grows depending on the high demand and supply of it in the stock exchange market.

Mutual Funds and Treasury bills.

Just like shares and stock, mutual funds, bonds, and Treasury bills are long-term investment deals that mature after a long period of time.

The value of bonds slowly climbs until they finally reach maturity and the bondholders are paid their dividends. It is advisable to purchase a bond at a discount instead of purchasing at a regular interest payment reward.

Network Marketing Products.

Chain and network marketing can be very beneficial when the individual has ascended the ladder and has many downlines.

For a young adult that goes into the chain market at an early age, if very dexterous, he can climb the ladder to the apex in ten years, then all financial rewards in the chain can become his thereafter.

As it is said, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second-best time is now”. For young people, having an investment early in life can put one on the roadmap to financial freedom in later days.