Absa eWallet (CashSend) Help Guide


With Absa eWallet, officially known as Absa Cash Send, you can transfer funds right from your Absa bank account to anyone with a working cellphone number.

The best part is the Absa ewallet money will reach the recipient and be available to withdraw instantly.

It’s the quickest, most budget-friendly way to send money, compared to the traditional banking way of making payments into accounts.

Let’s dive right in.

Why You’ll Love Absa eWallet

Imagine being able to send money at any time, from anywhere, even to those who don’t have an Absa bank account.

Yep, that’s the convenience Absa ewallet offers to their clients.

But wait, there’s more:

  • Immediate Cash Withdrawal: Say goodbye to those annoying waiting periods you encounter with EFT payments during weekends or inter-bank transfers.
  • Affordable Rates: You’re looking at a tiny fee of R8.00 for every R1,000.00 you send via this service.
  • Safety First: Walking around with wads of cash? Not anymore! Absa eWallet offers a safer alternative for transferring funds.
  • Zero Withdrawal Charges: And the cherry on top? Withdrawing from your Absa eWallet doesn’t cost you a dime!

Sending Money with Absa eWallet

If you’ve ever navigated the Absa online system, you already know how straightforward making an eWallet payment is.

Just to make things even easier, here’s a quick guide to send money using Absa CashSend:

  1. Visit Absa Online Banking and choose “Payments”.
  2. Pick “CashSend payment” option, then select ‘CashSend beneficiaries’.
  3. Choose the Absa account you want to send money from.
  4. Punch in the amount (up to R5,000.00).
  5. Input cellphone number or select the recipient’s name.
  6. Create a six-digit pin and give the transaction a thumbs up.
  7. Share the access code or pin with the recipient.

For your convenience, you can send amounts in increments of R50 or rounded to the nearest R100, so that it’ll be easier for the recipient to collect all at ATMs. 

Once done, the beneficiary will receive an SMS with a 10-digit reference or withdrawal number, which can be used to instantly collect the money.

Withdrawing from Absa eWallet

The recipient will be able to withdraw the ewallet money like they have an Absa account at the ATM.

Simply follow these simple steps to withdraw from Absa ewallet:

Visit any of your nearest Absa ATMs that offer the CashSend service

  • Select CashSend and then withdrawal
  • Enter the 10-digit reference number that has been sent to your cellphone.
  • Followed by the six-digit pin code that was provided by the sender.
  • Once the transaction has been verified, the full amount will be issued to you.

How to Reset Withdrawal Pin

Yes, it can happen that you lose or forget the withdrawal pin and you’d want to collect the funds.

Here’s how to retrieve your forgotten PIN

  1. Dial *120*2272# and enter your LAST KNOWN 5-digit PIN.
  2. Select option 1 to Reset PIN and enter your ID/Passport number.
  3. Enter a new 5 digit PIN to use for withdrawals.
  4. Your PIN is now successfully reset.

How long is Absa eWallet valid for?

Your Absa ewallet payment will stay valid for 30 days, with easy management of unredeemed transactions online.

After this period, the funds will automatically reversed back into the account that was sent from.

Find out more information on the Absa Wallet website and contact a consultant for further assistance.